Wenger recalled the past, said: "Now we have the FA Cup final, after the game in Everton, in 2006, we met in the Champions League final Barcelona, ??when you still think you have the opportunity to win the Champions League , And once again into the Champions League. "So we were not very worried at the time, but this time we have less chance, we can only focus on our game, we want to participate in the best league, which is why we want to participate in the Champions League Catfish Hunter Jersey. We are now only one point, we still have the opportunity to do, even if the opportunity is very small, we must work in the end, fighting to the last minute. Opening only 1 minute, Musee from the sidewalk break Fuchs and Simpson's folder against the ball, Fraser Road, high-speed sudden fall was ignored the referee ignored, Museet Road, the door was blocked, Stanislas plug On the patchwork break, 0-1! Bournemouth made a fantastic start on the road. 9 minutes, Ma Mares restricted area left foot Gongmen was blocked Jarrod Parker Jersey, then Chilver's Gongmen also missed Andrew Triggs Jersey. 18 minutes, Surman pass, Stanislas outside the right foot shot high shot high. The first 20 minutes, Ma Jerez corner pass, Fukes header header missed Sonny Gray Jersey. 24 minutes, Adam - Smith pass, Geslin right foot long shots, Althorpe rescue.