Although Liverpool opponent Middlesbrough has been relegated, but Wenger still hope for the rice castle: "It is unpredictable, Liverpool will certainly win over Ryon Healy Jersey, Middlesbrough will, Liverpool is of course hot, but we have at home battle flat fort, Battle they are not easy, and let us complete our work, if this is not enough, then there is no way. The right side of the restricted area of the United States out of space when the right foot volley, the ball slightly missed the far corner; 2 minutes later, William restricted area on the left side of the right foot trick, the ball hit the other side of the players slightly missed the right side of the goal Chris Bassitt Jersey. 51 minutes, Sunderland out of the right corner, Rodville small restricted front pressure beat Aspen Li Kuita header, Kurutua quickly fell to the ground saved the ball; 6 minutes later, Moses restricted area The right side of the flash empty when the right foot shot, the ball missed the far corner of the goal Rickey Henderson Jersey. 2016-17 season Premier League Round 38, Swansea sits free kick 2 to 1 reversal beat West Bromwich Albion. In the 33rd minute, Evans took the lead for West Bromwich Albion Billy Butler Jersey. 72 and 86 minutes, Jordan - Ayu and Llorente built a power, Swansea came to victory.